High-temperature Aluminum Foil Bag

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Aluminum foil bag is sterilized by the high temperature, which reduce the use of chemical preservation products. It accords with the current understanding of health.Cooking bag is a composite film food packaging bag that can be sterilized at high temperature. According to the sterilization temperature and preservation period, the cooking bag is divided into two kinds: ordinary sterilization bag and ultra-high-temperature sterilization bag: ordinary sterilization bag is generally heated under 120℃ sterilization, most of which is made of two to three layers of composite material.The shelf life of food is more than half a year.The ultra-high-temperature sterilization bag is generally sterilized at 135℃. The bag-making material is more than three layers with aluminum foil sandwiched in the middle. The shelf life is 1-2 years.

In the cooking bag, the aluminum foil used is mostly soft aluminum foil with a thickness of 9 m(or 7 m thick). There are still some matters to pay special attention to when choosing the aluminum foil used in the cooking bag, as follows:

1, the surface cleanliness of aluminum foil to be high, no oil and dust, surface tension to be high, should reach more than 72mN/m.A simple method is to test with distilled water, which should be completely soaked on the foil surface.If the aluminum foil surface oil pollution is serious, it will affect the aluminum foil and other materials of the composite fastness, especially the packaging bag after high temperature cooking, will occur delamination peeling phenomenon.

2, the number of aluminum foil pinholes should be few.Aluminum foil should be the best barrier material, if it has pinhole, its barrier will be greatly reduced, gas, light will quickly direct penetration, the content quickly will be deterioration.Generally speaking, the thicker the aluminum foil, the fewer the number of pinholes, such as 7 m thick aluminum foil, the number of pinholes should be less than 200 holes/square meter: 9 m thick aluminum foil, the number of pinholes should be less than 100 holes/square meter.No matter how thick the foil, the aperture of the pinhole should be no more than 20 m.

3, the texture of aluminum foil to soft, folding should not be easy to break, to have good toughness, bought aluminum foil should be kept in a dry state, and do not put too long, should be used as soon as possible, to prevent the aluminum foil moisture absorption oxidation and deterioration.

Advantages: moisture-proof, temperature-proof, light-proof, fragrance-preserving, fully sealed, high-fragrance-preserving, high-oil-resisting, high-temperature resistant, heat-sealing strength high, good puncture resistance.

USES: high temperature sterilization food, such as: roast chicken, roast duck, bacon, ham, curry, roast eel, roast fish and other meat products etc.

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