The Application of Laminated bags in Food (2)

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 (6) Tea Packaging Bags


 anti - deterioration, anti - discoloration, anti - change, which is to prevent green tea oxidation from contains protein, chlorophyll, catechin acid, vitamin C oxidation.

Structure of the bags:


The Feature of Materials:

AL foil, VMPET, KPET are excellent barrier materials. Both of them has the good barrier to oxygen, water vapor, odor.

AK foil and VMPET also have excellent light avoidance.The product price is moderate.

(7) Coffee Packaging Bags

Advantages: anti - water absorption, anti - oxidation, anti - vacuum products after the hard block, keep the volatile, easy to oxidize the aroma of coffee.

Structure of the bags:  PET/PE/AL/PE, PA/VMPET/PE

The Feature of Materials:AL, PA and VMPET have good barrier property, water and gas resistance, and PE has good heat sealing property

(8) Chocolate Packaging Bags

Advantages:good barrier, avoid light, beautiful printing, low temperature heat seal.

Structure of the bags:

pure chocolate:varnish/ink/white BOPP/PVDC/ cold sealing adhesive 

Nut chocolate: varnish/ink /VMPET/AD/BOPP/PVDC/ cold seal

The Feature of Materials:PVDC and VMPET are both high-barrier materials. The cold sealant can be sealed at a very low temperature, and the heat will not affect the chocolate.

Because the kernel contains more oil, it is easy to oxidize and deteriorate.

(9) Soft Drink Packaging Bags

Advantages:acidic beverage PH <4.5, pasteurization, general barrier.

Neutral beverage PH >4.5, sterilization, high barrier.

Structure of the bags:

Acidic beverages:PET/PE (CPP), BOPA/PE (CPP), PET/VMPET/PE


The Feature of Materials:For acidic beverages, PET, PA can provide good barrier, pasteurization resistance, because of the acidity of the shelf life.

For neutral beverages, AL provides the best barrier, PET, PA strength, high temperature resistance.