The Application of Laminated bags in Food (1)

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(1)Retort  Bags


This kind of bag is usually used for meat,poultry and other food with hard bone .It has some good  characteristic , such as the barrier property,the resistance to the broken which is resulted in the bone. Under the condition of sterilization ,it will stay in good ,not broken,not cracked ,not shrinkage, and no unpleasant odor.

Structure of the bags:



The Feature of Materials:

PET: high temperature resistance, good rigidity,good printing and high strength.

PA: high temperature resistance, high strength, flexibility, good barrier, puncture resistance.

AL: excellent resistance to high temperature.

CPP: high temperature ,food grade, good heat sealing, non-toxic and tasteless.

PVDC:high temperature resistant barrier material.

(2)Snack Food Bags

Advantages: This kind of bag has some good characteristic,such as oxygen resistance,water proof. It can avoid the light and stay the incense.The property of oil proof is also nice.The cost of this bag is lower than other bag.

Structure of the bags: BOPP/VMCPP

The Feature of Materials:BOPP and VMCPP are both good at scratch resistance. The BOPP has the good printing property and high  gloss.VMCPP has the good barrier property and the incense keeping.CPP has the good resistance of oil.

(3)Condiment Bags

Advantages:odorless and tasteless,low temperature sealing,sealing pollution resistance,good barrier,moderate price.

Structure of the bags:KPA/S-PE 

The Feature of Materials:KPA has the excellent barrier ,strong toughness.KPA has the excellent barrier, strong toughness. KPA composite with PE has high fastness, not easy to break. it has good printing.Modified PE is made of a variety of PE blends (co-extrusion). It has the property of low heat sealing temperature, strong sealing pollution resistance.

(4)Biscuit Packaging Bags

Advantages:good barrier, strong shading, oil resistance, high strength, odorless and tasteless, the packaging is scratchy.

Structure of the bags:BOPP/EXPE/VMPET/EXPE/S-CPP

The Feature of Materials:BOPP has good rigidity, good printing and low cost.VMPET has good barrier, avoiding light and blocking oxygen and water.

S-cpp has good heat sealing property and oil resistance at low temperature.

5)Milk Powder Packaging Bags

Advantages: long shelf life, fragrance and taste protection, oxidation and deterioration prevention, anti - moisture caking.

Structure of the bags:BOPP/VMPET/S-PE

The Feature of Materials:BOPP is good at printing.It has the good gloss, good strength, and moderate price.

VMPET has good barrier, light avoidance, toughness and metallic luster. It is better to adopt enhanced PET aluminum with AL layer thickness.

S-PE has good anti-pollution sealing and low temperature heat sealing.

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