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The advantages of retort pouch and how to customize retort punch

Nov. 24, 2022

The Advantages of Retort pouch and How to custom

    Retort pouch is a kind of flexible packaging bag which can be heat treatment.It is widely used in food packaging industries, so what's the advantage of retort pouch? Let me introduce to you:
    The advantages of retort pouch:
    1. retort pouch can maintain the color, aroma, taste and shape of food.
    2. Easy to use. Retort pouch can be easily and safely opened. You can put the food together with the pouch into boiling water and heat it for 5 minutes to open and eat, even without heating.
    3. Easy to store and transport. Retort pouches are light in weight, can be stacked and stored, and take up little space. After packing , it takes up less space than metal cans, so it can make full use of storage and transportation space and save storage and transportation costs.    
    4. Save energy. As the retort pouch is thin, the retort pouch can quickly reach the dead temperature of bacteria, energy consumption is 30-40% lower than the tin can.    
    5. Easy to sell. The retort pouch can be divided into different foods or combined according to market needs. Customers can buy and sell at will.    
    6. Long preservation time. Retort pouch packaging food does not require refrigeration or freezing, stable shelf life, comparable to metal cans, easy to use at home.    
    7. Low manufacturing costs. The price of the composite film used to make the retort pouch is lower than the metal plate, the production process and the required equipment is much simpler, so the price of the steaming bag is lower.

    The above is the introduction to the steaming bag.So how to customize retort punch? 

    First you can click contact us on the page, contact hypackages by any way convenient to you, tell us your requirements, then we make samples according to your needs, and after the samples are confirmed, finally mass production.

As a retort punch manufacturer with 17 years of experience, we can supply retort punch that absolutely meets your needs.

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