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Gusset Pouch

Do you want more space to display your product? Side gusset pouch will meet your requirement better. As a great candidate for packaging almost all industry, side gusset pouch has a lot of benefits.





Side Gusset Pouch


With Zipper

Applicable Temperature:

Below 100 Degree

Product Description

Gusset Pouch



What is the Side Gusset Pouch ?

Add the side gusset or bottom gusset to flat pouch. To create more space and strengthen its structure.

The details of side gusset pouch is introduced in video. You can see all features face to screen. (Or take a video call, then you can see it face to face ~)



● Tea

● Powdered Drinks

● Coffee

● Cookie

● Pet product


Gusset Pouch




1. Is the standard zipper useful for side gusset pouch?

Not suggested.

A tin- tie or just heat sealing will be better. If you want the zipper pouch, box bottom pouch please.


2. Can a Side Gusseted Pouch Srand Up on shelf itself ?


But only when you filled it with not so much more content.


3. Can the Side Gusset Pouch recyclable or compostable?


We can produce it with recyclable material or the compostable material.


Nice person is here for you .


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