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Recyclable Pouch

These recyclable pouches can be further customized with shape-type ,printing ,and item as common material to meet all of your requirements.



Plastic Film


Stand Up Pouch


With Zipper

Applicable Temperature:

Below 100 Degree

Product Description


       The 100% polyethylene pouch must be first choice for someone who is seeking recyclable packaging .

It provides recyclability without sacrificing durability and resealibility,even moisture barrier and oxygen barrier. 



Recyclable Pouch


   All items mentioned above can be custom as your requirements :


•  Easy to tear notch

• Resealable zipper

• Transparent window

• Colorful printing





•  Snacks

• Powder product

• Nuts

• Pasta

• Rice

• Pet product


(Almost all low temperature product and room temperature product )




Recyclable Pouch






1. Can we have recyclable flat pouch ?


Actually you can have all type of recyclable pouch as your requirements.

We will custom for you .


2. What Is The Cost of a Printed Recyclable Pouch?

Actually the cost depends on several things .

● The material structure being used

● The size of the bag/pouch itself

● Printed or plain

● The quantity you are ordering.

The unit price is usually from 0.01 usd to 0.2 usd. Maybe more or less, just contact me for any quotation. I am a very nice boss.

To save your time when thinking about cost, tell me where are you "hoping to be" and let us help… if it is possible, we’ll tell you, if not, we’ll tell you that too…


3. What Is Your MOQ ?

Usually 10000-50000pcs. Depends on your size .

If large size, moq maybe even 5000pcs. So contact me for any question of moq.


4. What Is The Lead Time ?

Usually in 15 days.

From you give me the order to the pouch ready .

If you have to check the accurate time....Why not just speak to me ? I am a very very nice person I thought.


5. What Are Printing Cylinders and Why Do I Need Them ?

Etched metal (aluminum/copper) to hold and apply precise amounts of ink to film substrates.

● Printing cylinders cost on average 60 usd to 170usd each.

 (Each color of your artwork requires a printing cylinder, that’s it. )

● The cylinder can be used again and again for the same size pouches that use the same printing and ink color. Cylinders last from 18-24 months before needing replaced.


6. How Long Does a Quote Take ?

Even in 15 minutes.

We are manufacturer. We have all information to complete the quotation ASAP.


Nice person is here for you .


The show of our factory


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