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Retort Pouch

What is the Retort pouch? A pouch which can withstand heat and pressure sterilization by retort; A method wildly used for ready to eat food. (The temperature can be up to 135 degrees Celsius.) It has a superior food preservation property. The Retort pouch has been used by our customers for a long time with very nice feedback.



Plastic Film


Stand Up Pouch

Applicable Temperature:

121-135 Degree



Product Description

What is the retort packaging ?

In retort processing, the food is cooked inside the pouch at temperatures up to 135 degrees Celsius. This sterilizes the product and its packaging, which is sealed against oxygen and bacteria, so the food will not spoil and remain safe to eat for about one to two years, even without any taste changes or color changes. Sounds great right ?And then I will show you the details of our material.



Retort Pouch



What is the retort pouch made of ?



Retort Pouch


What is the retort pouch used for ?

● Ready to eat meals

● Soups

● Pre-cooked rice

● Baby food

● Wet pet food



Retort Pouch





1. Can I Get a Custom Printed Retort Pouch?

Yes. We will offer custom service for you on material, shape, size, printing.

Contact us for any requirements. We will help you forever.


2. What Is The Cost of a Printed Pouch?

Actually the cost depends on several things .

● The material structure being used

● The size of the bag/pouch itself

● Printed or plain

● The quantity you are ordering.

The unit price is usually from 0.01 usd to 0.2 usd. Maybe more or less, just contact me for any quotation. I am a very nice boss.

To save your time when thinking about cost, tell me where are you "hoping to be" and let us help… if it is possible, we'll tell you, if not, we'll tell you that too…


3. What Is Your MOQ ?

Usually 50000pcs. Depends on your size.

If large size, moq maybe even 5000pcs. So contact me for any question of moq.


4. What Is The Lead Time ?

Usually in 15 days.

From you give me the order to the pouch ready .

If you have to check the accurate time.... Why not just speak to me ? I am a very very nice boss I thought.


5. What Is The Range of Temperature ?

Usually below 121 degree Celsius.

Can be up to 135 degree Celsius.

Just tell us what is your product. We will help you about the temperature.


Nice person is here for you .


The show of our factory


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