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Custom printed stand up pouch

Gravure printed, custom stand up pouches help your products standing itself on the shelf. High-quality raw material film, durable structures, and photo-quality print technology ensure that your pouch has a remarkable look and feel, which will add values to your product.





Stand Up Pouch

Applicable Temperature:

Below 100 Degree

Product Description


Available Options


Custom printed stand up pouch

•Resealable Zippers 

To keep your product clean and freshness . It is really convenient for both you and our final customer who can`t eat all food at once (just like me ~).

•Easy Open Tear Notches

Help our customer open the product easy .Then they don`t have to tear the pouch with some word like “oh my god ,.....”.You may don`t like that word,so do I .

•Round Corners 

This convenient feature avoids any damage that could be caused by sharp corners, improving the packs storage and usability.Also protect our final customer from the sharp edge.

•Doy-pack or K-seal Gusset

Depending on the volume you are packing, we can offer you a doy or k-seal gusset. Our doy pouch is suitable for lightweight products while the k-seal pouch is more durable for higher volumes.Or just take the one you like ,we will help you about the size .

•Product window 

To show the real product we produced,which will increase the engagement of our final customer . “Look ,how wonderful is this bean paste!I want this one !”They may say so .




Material PET/PE  PET/PA/PE  PET/VMPET/PE  PET/AL/PE  Or any other material structure you want
Thickness  80microns - 150 microns Or we can custom all thickness as your requirement.
Feature nontoxic,ordoless, moistureproof,food grade
Printing Up to 10 colors in glossy surface or matte surface and UV printing
Sample 50pcs for free.




• Coffee               •Dried fruit                   •Meat 

  •Nut                  •Cooked food             •Sauce 

•Snacks ...

               Custom printed stand up pouch 

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