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Custom printed stand up pouch

Gravure printed, custom stand up pouches help your products standing itself on the shelf. High-quality raw material film, durable structures, and photo-quality print technology ensure that your pouch has a remarkable look and feel, which will add values to your product.





Stand Up Pouch

Applicable Temperature:

Below 100 Degree

Product Description


Available Options


Custom printed stand up pouch

•Resealable Zippers 

To keep your product clean and freshness . It is really convenient for both you and our final customer who can`t eat all food at once (just like me ~).

•Easy Open Tear Notches

Help our customer open the product easy .Then they don`t have to tear the pouch hardly also with some word like “oh my god ,.....”.You may don`t like that word,so do I .

•Round Corners 

This convenient feature avoids any damage that could be caused by sharp corners, improving the packs storage and usability.Also protect our final customer from the sharp edge.

•Doy-pack or K-seal Gusset

Depending on the volume you are packing, we can offer you a doy or k-seal gusset. Our doy pouch is suitable for lightweight products while the k-seal pouch is more durable for higher volumes.Or just take the one you like ,we will help you about the size .

•Product window 

To show the real product we produced,which will increase the engagement of our final customer . “Look ,how wonderful is this bean paste!I want this one !”They may say so .




• Coffee               •Dried fruit                   •Meat 

  •Nut                  •Cooked food             •Sauce 

•Snacks ...

               Custom printed stand up pouch 


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